Being safe includes being well-informed!
This page will hopefully answer most questions you have regarding the festival!

We are committed to safety and providing something fun for our community. We are doing everything in our power to ensure our festival happens and that the health and safety protocols that we are implementing will create a safe environment for everyone at NC Freedom Fest.

This map will be available in guide-form at the Information Tent located at the circle of Chestnut/Center!

What is the schedule for the event?

For the most part – everything (all the moving pieces) at our festival starts at 3 pm and ends at 9:30 pm when our headliner, Elvie Shane, closes out his performance. However, the Car & Bike Show opens registration at 2 pm (cars can enter the street and take their place) and will close at 4 pm, which is the when the show and judging will begin. Awards for the Car Show will take place at 7 pm.

We have you covered with bathroom facility options!

There will be potties and handwash stations strategically placed throughout Freedom Field, near the vendors, food, and kids zone. We will also have potties placed in a few places on Center Street such as near the Elks Lodge, behind Cry Freedom (corner shop), and in the John Street parking lot.

In addition to these potties, there are permanent restroom facilities located at the Hub!

First things first: Our festival is 100% outdoors.

While it is definitely well-ventilated, it is just about 0% shaded.

Our festival is pretty patriotic (see logo + mission), so we would love for you wear something red, white, and blue – but ultimately, you can wear whatever you like!  Plan to wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen (don’t let this be the RED in your ensemble), and even a hat wouldn’t hurt! We just want you to be comfortable enough to enjoy the entire festival! Back to the sunscreen part – there are not many areas with shade within the festival footprint so sun protection will be your best friend!

Can I dress up like Uncle Sam or a Bald Eagle? 

  • You can actually wear whatever you like, but if you dress up like Uncle Sam, a Bald Eagle, or the Statue of Liberty, we may just give you an award. Seriously though, we’d love to see everyone slay in their Red, White, and/or Blue! It’s gonna be a vibe.

Can I bring a bag?

  • A bag or backpack is a great idea! It will definitely come in handy to carry all the cool stuff you’ll find from our street fair vendors!

Can I bring a cooler?

  • No. No outside food or beverages. (Unless you are a baby, you can bring a bottle or two!) The good news is a lot of free water will be given out and if water is not your thing, we have 15 food vendors that all have drinks, plus a beer garden!

Can I bring my pet? 

  • Simple answer, Yes. But see tab on this list labeled Pet Policy for more info!

Can I bring a chair? 

  • If you want to sit, and don’t prefer to sit on the ground, you’ll need a chair! Bring it on!

Can I bring a tent or umbrella?

  • Tent
    • No. We have tons of vendors + sponsors that have tents and there is simply no where for you to put one that will not interfere with the festival/other festivalgoers.
  • Umbrella – Depends…
    • Singin’ In The Rain/Umbrella-ella-ella Umbrellas
      • Yes. These are fine. If you are using one to shield yourself from the sun and are in the vicinity of the stage we just ask that you sit on the ground so to not block others view of the performances.
    • Patio Furniture/Beach Umbrella/Torpedoes in the Wind Umbrellas
      • No. They’re big and they’re “Torpedoes in the Wind”. Please leave these in your backyard.

Can I bring a camera? 

  • Sure! We will have official NCFF photographers walking around, but if you want to take some photos – go for it! We’d love for you to tag us in anything you post @NCFreedomFest!

Can I sell stuff? 

  • If you are not an approved/authorized vendor, please do not attempt to sell anything. This is not cool. We will most likely ask you to leave.

Can I carry my beer outside of Freedom Field? 

  • Yes. You will see signs all around the street closures that say “No Alcohol Beyond This Point… so start chugging now!” This is your ‘beer-drinking-perimeter’. Do not go beyond these signs with alcoholic beverages (or else). BUT – this still leaves you a ton of area to enjoy your adult beverages within. See Street Closures or Map tabs for idea of where you can enjoy your drinks!

Can I bring my friend? 

  • Please do. In fact, bring everyone you know! This is the biggest free party in all of Downtown Goldsboro, and the only one that celebrates our Military & First Responders!

With the exception of the Beer Garden, everything at NCFF is for all ages!

Specifically geared towards kids though, we have…

  • The FREE Kids Zone, sponsored by Goldsboro Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, and provided by Lamm Events, will be located at the entry of Freedom Field off of Center Street! The Kids Zone will have Hand Sanitizer at the entrance to each element. They also will be continuously spraying each element with a safe disinfectant to ensure the safety of all enjoying the Kids Zone. In the Kids Zone, there will also be numerous portable restroom facilities and hand wash stations.
  • The Inclusive Zone, sponsored by Once Upon A Child, and powered by Kriquette’s Kidz, will have hands-on activities for all ages and abilities. Games, Sensory Activities, Lactation/Changing Station, Art Outlets, and more!

One beautiful thing about Downtown Goldsboro is that no matter where you park, you will be a short distance from some part of the Festival!

  • Handicap Parking will be available in 3 locations: Goldsboro Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Parking Lot, Stage Struck Parking Lot, and Worrell Contracting Parking Lot.
  • Most streets (parallel to Center Street) in Downtown Goldsboro can be parked on both sides, and there are many parking lots around the Downtown area that are waiting for you to park in them!
  • The grassy lots at the end of South Center Street, near Elm Street, will be open on both sides of the street for parking! Each lot should be able to fit over 200 vehicles! We will have signs at the entrances to these lots (on Pine Street) to help show you the way!

Note: All of Center Street (from Pine Street to Mulberry Street) will be closed for the festival, however, parking will be available throughout Downtown on streets and in parking lots. In addition to Center Street, Spruce Street between Center and James Street will be closed, James Street from Spruce to Chestnut, as well as Chestnut Street from James Street to John Street. These streets will all close at 10 am on Saturday, September 9th, 2023. For full listing of street closure information, click tab below labeled “Street Closures.”

All of Center Street, *well, almost all* – from Mulberry to Pine, will be closed for the festival beginning early in the morning on Saturday, September 9th, 2023. We still encourage everyone to be aware of their surroundings when crossing the street, even though it will be closed. We will have festival staff operating ATV’s and golf carts and want to remind everyone to remain vigilant when on the streets.

We will have NCFF photographers capturing “kodak moments” throughout the festival. They have been asked to photograph “Fun, Family, Food, Freedom” and more, so if you see someone with an NCFF Badge and a camera, smile! These photos may be used in marketing materials for future festivals.

There will also be a Free Photobooth at this years event, located in Freedom Field. After the Festival, all photos will be sent out to those who participate and we will also make it available on our website! Visit the photobooth and save a memory from NCFF 2023!

If you take any pictures throughout the event, please be sure to tag us on our socials @NCFreedomFest! We’d love to see the festival through your lens!

In advance of the Festival, as in previous years, there will be a multitude of signs with Street Closure warnings displayed on vehicles, in businesses, and on yard signs throughout the affected area. Click Here to View Sign.

This year, our Downtown streets will close for the festival in two phases. The South End of Center Street from the roundabout at Chestnut/Center through the roundabout at Pine/Center will close at 8 am on Saturday, September 9th, 2023. The North End of Center Street from the roundabout at Chestnut/Center through Mulberry/Center, as well as Spruce Street between Center/James, James Street between Spruce/Chestnut, and Chestnut Street between James/John will all close at 10 am on Saturday, September 9th, 2023. Please help us by doing your part to not be parked on these aforementioned streets once the closings go into effect, or your car will be towed at your expense. All cars remaining in the affected streets will be towed, no exceptions. In addition to this, please keep in mind that if you drive down the side roads towards Center Street after 10 am, you may not be able to easily turn around. For a list of places you can park, click tab above labeled “Parking.”

As of 10 am on Saturday, September 9th, 2023 the following streets will be closed.

  • Center Street, from Mulberry Street to Pine Street.
  • Spruce Street, between Center and James Street.
  • James Street, from Spruce Street to Chestnut Street.
  • Chestnut Street, from James Street to John Street.

All streets listed above will reopen at 10 pm on Saturday, September 9th, 2023.

Help! My car was towed!

All towed vehicles can be retrieved at George’s Body Shop located at 175 Claridge Nursery Road, Goldsboro, NC 27530. Their telephone number is 919-734-8694.

We will have an abundance of trash receptacles available throughout the footprint of the festival. Please help keep our city clean by disposing of your trash in these receptacles!

We will have a festival Information Station located in the circle intersection at Center/Chestnut Streets. This area will have items such as festival guides/maps, and is the hub for volunteers. This is also your one-stop-shop for all information related to the festival and will serve as the lost and found and first aid site. If you have any questions, please stop by the Information Station.

In the event that a child is separated from their parent or guardian, this will be the area to come.

EMS, Fire, and Police will be on-site for the entire festival and ready to respond in the event of any emergency. The Emergency Staging Area will be located behind the stages in Freedom Field, while members of the EMS bike patrol will be riding throughout the footprint of the Festival to keep you safe.

We have over 100 Sponsors & Vendors at NCFF this year for you to check out throughout Freedom Field & The Hub!

If you want to see who & what will be participating, click these links to see our Sponsors and Vendors!

If you are a participating Sponsor or Vendor —

All the information you need to know ahead of the event, including but not limited to: where to go, when to be there, what to wear, what road to turn down, and much, much more will be sent out a few days before the festival. If you have any questions (or have not received anything by Tuesday, September 5th, 2023), please email

If you are not a participating Sponsor or Vendor, but want to be —

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any other Sponsors or Vendors for this years festival at this time. However, we would love to have your support and participation in 2024! Be sure to follow our social media pages for updates on when our 2024 Sponsorship Campaign and Vendor Applications open!

Official NC Freedom Fest Merchandise will be available for sale at the entrance of Freedom Field! Look for the “Purchase NCFF Merch Here” Banner!

Get ready to rep NCFF with T-Shirts, Challenge Coins, Hats, Festival Guides, and more!

NC Freedom Fest is mostly free – but there are things at the festival that you can purchase, if you so choose!

What is not free?

  • Food & Beverages
  • Merchandise
    • Official NCFF merchandise prices range from $5 to $25
  • Street Fair Vendors Products
    • Street Fair Vendors will have a plethora of different items throughout the vendor zone. Some will have freebies, while those selling items prices range from $1 to $200, depending on their items. Click Here to See Our Vendors
  • Vehicle Registration to Car & Bike Show

What is free? 

  • Parking
  • Kids Zone
  • Inclusive Zone
  • Live Performances By 5 Bands, across 3 Stages
  • Static Displays
  • F-15 Flyover
  • Car & Bike Show (spectating)
  • Showing Appreciation to our Military & First Responders!
  • Flags – we will have free handheld flags staged throughout the event and will announce a few “Flag-waving” moments for everyone to participate in!
  • Freebies – Be sure to visit all of our vendors to see what they have to offer! Many will be giving out items!
  • Photobooth – stop by our NCFF Photobooth to take a free pic to remember the day!

Are Pets Allowed?

The simple answer is yes, pets are allowed.

However, we want to make sure that all pet owners are fully aware that this is an open-air event, with large crowds expected, loud noises, without much shade, in hot weather, on hot pavement/ground, or anywhere for pets to properly relieve themselves. There will likely be other pets in the area as well. With all of these things considered, if you as the pet owner have no concerns- we’d love to see your pets at the festival!

Please note: please be prepared to pick up after your pet if they use the potty and properly dispose of their waste in a receptacle!

All volunteers will report to the Information Station located in the circle intersection at Center/Chestnut Streets. This is where you will get your assignments and divide and conquer! Thank you to all who are volunteering their time to make this festival a success!

Still have more questions needing answers? No problem – email us at, or for a more prompt response – message one of our Social Media Pages @NCFreedomFest, on Facebook or Instagram! Please note: email responses the week of the festival may be delayed and emails the day of the festival will likely not be returned until after the event. If you need something quick – our social media pages are your best option!

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